Professional tooth whitening in South Yorkshire

Teeth Whitening in Rotherham

Teeth Whitening carried out by dental professionals!

Teeth Whitening in Rotherham White Dental Beauty Couple Smiling

White Dental Beauty teeth whitening

If you are looking for gentle professional teeth whitening in Rotherham, our Moorgate Street Clinic can provide everything you need to get a great result quickly and safely.

Can anyone have Teeth Whitening?

Generally yes if you are over 18, not pregnant and have good Oral Health.

Is Teeth Whitening Bad for Enamel?

Absolutely not, the whitening gel is completely safe and will not affect the surface texture or shape of any part of the tooth structure.

Does Teeth Whitening actually work?

Yes, only professional teeth whitening can change the natural teeth colour. The results we achieve speak for themselves.

Does Tooth Whitening work on Fillings, Implants, crowns, veneers or bridges?

No. If you’re having dental implants or a  dental restoration whiten your natural teeth first so that they can match to your new restorations.


Whitening: HOW IT WORKS


  1. We assess your suitability for whitening and take a digital scan for making the trays – no more messy impressions!
  2. Fit the trays, supply all the White Dental Beauty gel you need and give you complete instructions on how to whiten using the trays
  3. We check the result after 2 weeks and supply more gel if required at no extra charge.

What do the trays look like?

Trays image for teeth whitening in rotherham

The trays are very thin and soft

Trays in the mouth

Trays in mouth image for teeth whitening in rotherham

The trays are clear and comfortable

How to apply the gel

Syringeing gel in tray image for teeth whitening in rotherham

As you can see, the gel is easy to place using the thin tips supplied

Teeth Whitening in Rotherham White Dental Beauty Product

Some of our whitening results (in just 7-14 days)

Teeth Whitening in Rotherham Sarah Before Whitening

Tooth Whitening Case Study - Sarah

Sarah who is 24 years old presented complaining that “My teeth are looking yellow”. After discussing the various treatment options, we decided to whiten her teeth using clear tray home whitening.


Find out more about Sarah’s tooth whitening treatment by following the link below.

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