Peter’s main concern was his “crooked upper teeth” which were making it hard for him to smile with confidence for photos or social occasions. After discussing the various treatment options, we decided to straighten his teeth using Six Month Smiles invisible braces.


Peter’s before photos can be seen below – click on them to enlarge.

To start, we took photographs, an X-ray and digital scans which were sent off the the 6MS case processing facility in Texas USA. and 2 weeks later, the braces were fitted. Peter was reviewed every 4 weeks for his adjustment appointments and after just 6 months, his teeth were beautifully straight as you can see below!


After Pete’s journey, we asked him to tell us about his experience:-


  1. Tell us why you wanted your teeth straightening

Mainly because of these two teeth (pointing to his incisors at either side of his front teeth) looked like they were disappearing behind my front teeth, so every time I wanted to have a picture taken, or someone wanted to take a picture of me, I was always sort of hiding my teeth and tried not to smile with my teeth, more of just a closed mouth smile.

  1. Why did you choose Six Month Smiles?

Mainly obviously because it just takes 6 months, and I had heard good reports as well from people.

  1. What made you choose Precision Dental?

Through word of mouth, and people who had given raving reports.

  1. How long did your treatment take?

I believe it did take just six months

  1. How did it impact on your everyday life, did you have to change anything?

I had to be wary of what I ate, because I love curries, so I had to obviously lay off them a little bit, and I still am laying off them actually – I don’t touch them now really. And obviously brushing a lot more and using the floss and the tepe brushes.

  1. How do you feel now?

Great, I feel brilliant now, I am a lot more confident.  Especially smiling and especially with the whitening done as well, I feel a lot more confident.

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