How will life as a Rotherham Dentist change after the pandemic?

There are certainly some major changes in being a Rotherham Dentist coming up on the horizon in terms of patient care in the Dental Care setting. Perhaps the most important one is adapting to new social distancing rules. Before we even discuss the patient/dentist interaction, we are intending to ensure that patient contact with other patients will be strictly limited. We will do this by staggering appointment times carefully.We will also create contact procedures to advise when a patient can safely enter the building. This will ensure that patient contact will be limited to our team only.

What about Safety checks?

Temperature checks will be made for every patient on arrival and questions asked to determine the current Covid -19 risk. If all is well, we can proceed with the appointment. Incidentally, all team members will have similar testing daily to ensure patient safety.


What will the procedures be like at this Rotherham Dentist?

Clearly, the Rotherham Dentist/Patient interaction is closer than the recommended 2 metres distance. Because of this, we will be following the NHS England Standard Operating Procedures regarding PPE. Also pre-treatment mouthrinsing with a peroxide based mouthwash. In addition, we can use a dental dam to isolate a tooth before we work, reducing any aerosol from the procedure. Following the appointment, we allow any aerosol to settle for 15 minutes before a thorough clean down. This includes the entire surgery and any surfaces that may have been touched. This is designed to maximise safety for patients and all the Dental Team.

Precision Dental in Rotherham

We take patient safety incredibly seriously so please bear with us in the early stages of post-lockdown return to work. The aim is to return to normality as quickly as possible. I look forward to seeing you again really soon!

Take care,