Precision Dental Membership Plans

To ensure that anyone can enjoy a Precision Dental membership, we’ve created a range of membership plans to suit all needs and budgets.

Membership plans 

Why you should invest in your Dental Health by joining our practice 

  • Early detection of problems: Regular dental checkups and cleanings can help us detect problems early, when they are easier and less expensive to treat.
  • Preventative care: Preventing Dental diseases such as gum disease can protect your general health and reduce the risk of Strokes, Heart Disease and Diabetes
  • Affordability: Our membership plans cost less than paying for dental care as you go. This is because you are paying for a set number of appointments each year, rather than paying for each appointment individually. You also get discounts off any treatment that you may need
  • Convenience: Our membership plans make it easy to get the dental care you need with daily priority appointments for members. You are also able to see the same dentist each time meaning better continuing care.

Other Benefits of Membership

10% discount on further routine essential treatments.
(Excludes Implant and Cosmetic treatments)

* Documentation relating to our Privacy Notice and the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme, including assistance levels,
limitations and exclusions is available to view online at