Richard who is 62 years old, presented wanting the gap between his top right teeth filling permanently (he was wearing a removable denture which was uncomfortable when eating).

To start, we took photographs, an X-ray and an upper and lower impressions which were sent off the the Implant lab in London.

The next appointment was to place 2 dental implants which was done by a Specialist Implant Surgeon at Precision Dental using Local anaesthetic. The procedure is completely painless and healing takes place quickly after placement.


Richard’s before photos can be seen below – click on them to enlarge.

The implants were left for 3-4 months until they have joined correctly with the gums ( the denture could still be worn over the healing implants). You can see the healing caps below where the implants were placed.


After this, a fixed bridge was made and carefully attached to the implants. The bridge is permanent and is never removed – just like having your own teeth back again.

Richard was really pleased now that he could smile and chew with complete confidence again!


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