Therapy for your mouth

Whether you haven’t had time to visit your dentist for a few months, or you have a long-standing dental issue that’s been worrying you, Precision Dental can help you.


Usually, Oral Rehabilitation means restoration of all of the teeth. However, it could also be defined as restoring only the defective teeth.

Regardless of your problem, large or small, our oral rehabilitation service will help you get your dental health back on track – improving your general health and helping you to feel great.

Whether it’s one issue or a combination of several, our team is here to support you through your journey towards your ideal smile.


Every person’s needs will be unique, so we create a bespoke treatment plan for every client. This can include any of our extensive treatments


Despite any missed check-ups, your teeth will likely remain in a healthy condition.

However, if you need it, Precision Dental can restore your oral structure and prosthetically replace any missing teeth.


  • Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics (crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implants) – this deals mainly with the prosthetic replacement of hard and soft tissues.
  • Periodontics (gums) – this includes the treatment of clients with gum disease; dental implants; and bone & soft tissue grafting around teeth.
  • Endodontics (root canal therapy / removal of dental nerve).





This indulgent session is dedicated to ensuring your smile is healthy and beautiful. We’ll clean away stains and build-up on your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling fresher and your smile cleaner


Straightening teeth doesn’t have to mean a year or more of wearing unsightly metal braces. We provide the revolutionary Invisalign® clear brace system and also  Six Month Smiles®, which both offer to create beautiful, straighter smiles.


We have a teeth whitening treatment to suit everyone, regardless of how off-white your teeth are. Our experienced clinicians will recommend the best solution for you, from Zoom Whitespeed Laser Whitening, Enlighten Evolution or Precision home whitening.


Dental veneers or crowns can be used to reshape and lengthen teeth, as well as repair broken teeth and help improve the appearance of severely discoloured teeth. If we think this is the right option for you, we can help plan out the solution and present it to you.


From simple fillings to full mouth crowns and reconstructions, we can do it all.


Our specialist team can provide all types of treatment right here in Rotherham.


We work with the best ceramists in the world to create beautiful smiles.



What is comprehensive dental rehabilitation?

Comprehensive dental rehabilitation is the elimination of dental disease and the reconstruction of damaged teeth. Treatments can include a complete examination, cleaning, fluoride application, full mouth x-rays, amalgam and composite restorations (fillings), endodontics, minor periodontal surgery, and extractions.

How often should I have oral hygiene check-ups after dental rehabilitation?

If you’ve had oral rehabilitation supported by implants, the interval between appointments will vary according to the scale of the rehabilitation. It will also depend on the level of oral hygiene that you have achieved at home.

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a condition which affects the supporting structures around your teeth. It causes swelling of your gums. If left untreated, it can damage the bone and ligaments that hold your teeth in place.

Charley S

"Recently just finished my Invisalign and couldn’t have gone to a better place for it. Amazing friendly staff, always making you feel really welcome and always very polite & completely Covid safe! If anyone thinking of having braces go for it, it’s life changing and definitely recommend this dentist. Thank you all 🥰"

Jenny Booth

"All the staff and Steven are amazing. I was so scared of dental treatment before I found precision. I have now got a wonderful smile thanks to the teams, skill patience and kindness. Thank you"

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Julie Johnson

"Wonderful dental practice very friendly staff. I was very pleased with the work Mr Ball did on my tooth, excellent service. I was more than happy with the result. Highly recommended. Thanks to everyone at Precision Dental"

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Julie Green

"The service is always excellent, the staff friendly and efficient and the surgery and facilities are spotless as well as being comfortable for waiting patients"

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Areeb Mazhar

"The staff are wonderful, Stephen the dentist really makes you comfortable and explains in plain english the process and X-rays etc. Couldn't ask for better service."

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Robert Straw

"Absolutely first class service from start to finish. Dr Ball always explained what he was doing and why. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. Thank you for giving me the smile I've always wanted."

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Muquim Rashid

"This practice truely lives up to its name. I can finally smile and be confident showing my teeth for the first time thanks to Dr Stephen Ball. He is a highly skilled and very experienced dentist."

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Elina Vecvagare

"This is literally the best place I been in England. The quality and staff is amazing. Thank you guys"

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Francesca Rayworth

"Very pleased with my results from six month smile by Stephen ball, the difference is amazing! staff very friendly and welcoming would recommend precision dental care."

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"Lovely dentist, and lovely staff in a comfortable and inviting surroundings. If you are looking for treatments whether dental or cosmetic this is the best practice to go you won’t be disappointed."

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Olivia Porter

"Would 100% recommend the staff are all really friendly and the work I had carried out was amazing and done in a small time frame"

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