Failure to Attend / Late Cancellation Code of Conduct Policy Notice Agreement

Please read the agreement and sign & date below if you agree with the contents.


Every year we lose valuable surgery time because of patients failing to attend their appointments, or cancelling at short notice, and unfortunately this is massively on the increase. Failing to attend appointments, or cancelling at short notice makes it extremely difficult for us to accommodate our patients in need of emergency treatment, for existing patients to book appointments and for new patients to register here.

Therefore, from 1st April 2022, it is our practice policy that patients will receive letters when they have failed or late cancelled appointments with less than 48 hours notice, and we will charge for un-used time where a patient fails to attend or cancels without reasonable notice (with less than 48 hours before the appointment).

Failing to attend an appointment or late cancelling for the first time will result in a letter sent to your home address along with a copy of this policy, this will be a warning letter ONLY. On the second instance (this does not have to be consecutive), failing to attend or late cancelling an appointment will result in a charge of £75.00 per each 30 minutes.

Patients who are unable to make their appointment because of illness should, where possible, contact the practice as soon as they are aware that they cannot attend. If you are unsure whether you can make it to an appointment, please contact us early to discuss the matter rather than leaving it to the last minute. Failing to notify us before the appointment time will result in a failure to attend/late cancellation first warning letter and the above charge thereafter being made unless there are exceptional circumstances.

For all patients, once a treatment plan has been agreed, a payment of 50% of each next appointment must be paid up front as a minimum.

We understand that things happen and schedules do change, therefore discretion may be used if there is a good reason for failing to attend or the appointment being cancelled at late notice. But we ask that you understand as stated above that we lose valuable surgery time when patients do not attend their appointments.


Practice Plan & Denplan Patients

The missed appointment fees, as stated above, will also apply to all Practice Plan and Denplan Patients, in-line with your agreement.



Our practice provides reminders for all appointments. If we have your contact information on file, we will provide you with either an email or text reminder for all appointments.  It is your responsibility to check your phone or email.


Please note, telephone reminders are provided out of courtesy, not necessity. It is your responsibility to arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Failure of the telephone reminder system for any reason is not sufficient reason for failing to attending too late for treatment.