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Six Month Smiles
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Six Month Smiles clear bracket braces
For straighter teeth in Sheffield

Six Month Smiles in Rotherham Clear Braces


Typical case treatment times are 6 months from first appointment. Assessment for suitability will be initially required.

Six Month Smiles in Rotherham Clear Fixed Brace image


Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires make for a very discreet look. The brackets are fixed for the term of the treatment.

We are an accredited Six Moth Smiles provider in Rotherham


Results speak for themselves, you too could have straight teeth within six months which cosmetically enhance your appearance.

six month smiles in rotherham mentor
Six Month Smiles Mentor

We are extremely fortunate that, because of the quality of his work and the experience he has had, Dr Stephen Ball has also been confirmed as a Mentor for Six Month Smiles.This means he helps train and guide less experienced dentists in the system.


For patients in Sheffield, Six Month Smiles® is a great choice for those interested in quickly and affordably making life-changing cosmetic improvements to their smiles with braces.


The Six Month Smiles system is discrete, using tooth coloured brackets and wires. It is also quick, generally taking around six months to complete the orthodontic treatment.


Many people in Sheffield who opt for 6 Month Smiles treatment were never given the opportunity to have orthodontics when they were younger. They have become self conscious about their teeth and maybe hide their teeth when smiling.


Almost all our patients from Sheffield wish they had considered this treatment years ago as the resulting changes tend to be so dramatic with such an improvement in the appearance of their teeth.


And of course, one of the huge benefits, no teeth are damaged in the process of the treatment. Not so long ago your dentist may have considered crowning or veneering your teeth to improve their appearance with the resulting destruction of tooth tissue. Six Month Smiles conserves all of your tooth tissue making it an excellent long term choice.

Six Month Smiles Fees

Six Month Smiles (Single arch) £2995.00
Six Month Smiles (Both arches) £3600.00

Why choose Six Month Smiles

  • Fast treatment
  • Discrete, almost invisible braces
  • Convenient and great results


 Most treatment times take on average 6 months with usual treatments time between 5 and 9 months.


Clear brackets and tooth coloured wires make for a very discreet look. The brackets are fixed for the term of the treatment.


Straighter teeth means you will feel more confident in your personal and professional life. Have a look at some of the case studies below.
Case Study after Six Month Smiles adult short term orthodontics teeth straightening in Rotherham and Sheffield

Six Month Smiles Case Study

Read about Lindsay’s journey with Precision Dental Care & Six Month Smiles.


“Precision Dental by name, precision dentist by nature Dr Ball! What a difference the Six Month Smile Braces have made – from crowded teeth to a full blown natural smile in no time at all – the results are amazing. Thank you to a great dentist and the capable, warm and friendly team behind him.”


The results speak for themselves.

corinna after 6ms face

Six Month Smiles Case Study

Read about Corinna’s Six Month Smiles Treatment at Precision Dental Care in South Yorkshire.


“I didn’t realise that adults could have orthodontic treatments with such fast results, thank you Dr Ball. I now have a beautiful smile which has given me more confidence when speaking to others.”


The results speak for themselves.



Have a look at the short video all about Six Month Smiles, what is does, and how it can transform your smile.

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