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Elizabeth’s Inman Aligner Journey with Precision Dental in Rotherham

Eilzabeth presented complaining of “crooked upper front teeth” which were making it hard for her to smile with confidence for photos or social occasions and causing her embarrassment. After discussing the various treatment options, we decided to straighten her teeth using an Inman Aligner removable clear brace as this was going to be fast and effective in her case.


To start, we took photographs, an X-ray and upper impressions which were sent off to the Laboratory in Central London and 2 weeks later, the brace was fitted at. Elizabeth was reviewed every 2 weeks for her adjustment appointments and after just 12 weeks, the teeth were beautifully straight.

Elizabeth BEFORE Inman Aligner treatment
Elizabeth AFTER Inman Aligner treatment
Elizabeth BEFORE Inman Aligner treatment
Elizabeth AFTER Inman Aligner treatment
Elizabeth BEFORE Inman Aligner treatment
Elizabeth AFTER Inman Aligner treatment
  1. Tell us why you wanted your teeth straightening
    Because my two front teeth were further forward and I never liked to smile, and I was quite embarrassed as well.
  1. Why did you choose Inman Aligner?
    After doing some research online, that seemed like the best one to suit my type of teeth and what my issues were.
  1. What made you choose Precision Dental?
    I was recommended by my dentist to come here.
  1. How long did your treatment take?
    I think it took just 3 months which I was really happy with, as I thought it would take about 6 months.
  1. How did it impact on your everyday life, did you have to change anything?
    I had to get in the habit of more of brushing my aligners as well as my teeth, but it was pretty quick to get the hang of. And having to pop out my aligners when having something to eat, but none of it was too much hassle really. It was all quite easy actually! Considering how much I wanted my teeth to be straight, it really wasn’t a big deal, just for 3 months.
  1. How do you feel now?
    Great! I like to smile now!!! Before I was always embarrassed, but now I just can’t stop 😀
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