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Sarah’s Tooth Whitening treatment journey at Precision Dental Care

Sarah BEFORE Whitening treatment
Sarah AFTER Whitening treatment
Sarah BEFORE Whitening treatment shade A3
Sarah AFTER Whitening treatment shade B1

Tooth Whitening Case Study – Sarah

Sarah who is 24 years old presented complaining of “My teeth are looking yellow”. After discussing the various treatment options, we decided to whit-en her teeth using clear tray home whitening.


To start, we took photographs and upper & lower impressions. From these, clear, thin, comfortable whitening trays were made on models of Sarah’s teeth so they fitted perfectly.


The trays were fitted and Sarah was given supplies of whitening gel and instructions on how to use the gel in the trays at night time.


Sarah was reviewed 2 weeks later and as you can see from the after photos, she achieved a really nice whitening result with no tooth sensitivity. The teeth will stay white for about 18 months and they can then be “topped up” at any time by wearing the trays and gel for a couple of nights.

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