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White Dental Beauty

Would you like to shine a little bit brighter this winter?

From  2nd November 2019 running up to Christmas 2019 we are encouraging you to smile brighter!


During this period Tooth Whitening will be discounted to £299.00


Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of brightening the natural colour of your teeth without damaging or removing any of the tooth surface.


Dr Stephen Ball will assess your teeth for suitability for this type of treatment at the dental surgery in Rotherham and discuss the results you can realistically expect to achieve when whitening your teeth.


We will be using our usual Home Tray system with an active tooth whitening ingredient of 10% carbamide peroxide. Normally you can see a result with the first treatment but we expect the full whitening effect to be achieved over a 5-14 day period. At the end of this period we will check the colour shade achieved.


Remember your teeth will take time to brighten so take into consideration any Christmas parties you may have coming up and be prepared!

Let’s Sparkle Together in 2019!

Teeth Whitening in Rotherham White Dental Beauty Product


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Tooth Whitening at Precision Dental Care

There are many providers of tooth whitening in the Rotherham, Sheffield & Doncaster area. We provide professional teeth whitening to style conscious clients in a safe, professional and more importantly legal environment.


As dental professionals we are regulated by the GDC who have strict guidelines as to who can carry out teeth whitening procedures.


If you would like to find out more about teeth whitening please follow the links below for further information.

Pubic information on Tooth whitening from the British Dental Health Foundation.

Visit the BDHF Website

Important information for the public on the practice of tooth Whitening in the UK.

Visit the GDC Website

Information from the British Dental Association on tooth whitening.

Visit the BDA Website

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