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Dental Hygiene Services
at Precision Dental Rotherham

Dental hygiene direct access to our hygienists in Rotherham

A full range of dental hygiene products are stocked to in the dental practice in Rotherham

There has recently been a revolutionary change in the regulation of Dentistry in the UK called DIRECT ACCESS.


This now allows patients to see one of our experienced Dental Hygienists for teeth cleaning WITHOUT needing to see the Dentist – even patients who are not registered at Precision Dental, Cosmetic & Implant Clinic in Rotherham and the wider Sheffield area!

Silver Sparkle

Looking forward to a special occasion?


Then the Silver Sparkle is just for you. The clean is also perfect if time is precious to you as we will only take 20 minutes of your time.


We will make your smile shine, appear brighter and give you a fresher, sparkly mouth.


Platinum Polish

This 30 minute treatment offers you all of the elements in the Silver Sparkle with a few extras…


You will be given advice on how to care for your teeth and gums and our hygienist Jill will even give you a demonstration. They will also include advice on how to quit smoking, all done in a non-judgmental way.


They will also send you on your way with a bag full of essential goodies for you to use between visits.


Diamond Dazzler

This is the ultimate clean to make you “shine like a diamond”…


Not only do you receive all that is included in the Silver Sparkle & Platinum Polish packages, in addition you will receive the following treatments in order to remove all the stubborn stains that may have accumulated through smoking, drinking red wine, coffee and tea, using the ultra gentle powder polish technique.


This will make your smile “shine like a diamond” in just 40 minutes leaving you with the confidence to smile brightly!


Direct access hygienist appointments available

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